Wednesday, November 7

Mask freebies

Very much appreciated and won't cost you a penny unless
of course if you decide to buy something LOL
These masks measure 500 x 500.
To save, click on the image you want below and then
right click to save to your computer.


Janet Slusser said...

I LOVE these but they save as a .jpg file and not a .png so they cannot be used as masks ... do you have a way for us to download them as .png files? I would love to have them. Thank you

Heather Oliver said...

Thank you. My question is the same as Janet's. How can we download them as .png files? I would love to be able to use them.

Magda said...

Beautiful!! Thanks so much!!

Lily said...

Your blogger is wonderful, I love your work, thank you very much for sharing your talent.

Jenny Forbis said...

Thank you :)

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