Tuesday, January 3

HELP - Files now needing a password ?

For some reason 4shared is now requesting a password for downloading my freebies.
I have checked several times and I do not have them set to request one.
If anyone know why this is happening please let me know as I really don't
want to have to re-upload them all
Thank you

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Dwana said...

Hey Bits N Bobs

Had the same issues a couple days ago...I didn't have passwords but it seems that as the new year rolled over --- passwords were set on 4shared. I finally shared all folders - then unshared all folders...this brought up the window where the password was hiding - I deleted it and saved and all my freebies were back to be NON passworded and downloadable - BUT I am not certain thats the answer...just made my files available and all I have on 4shared is free files so....if you find out any different please pass on the word. :) Hope I have at least helped you free up files.


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