Wednesday, November 2


I am noticing a lot of my CU items being used with absolutely no credit given and some even claiming the work as their own.

If you are using CU items for online use then you must link back to my blog

These terms have not changed and must be read prior to using my work.

Terms of Use - Posers, Templates, Scripts and Element packs Commercial Use

Credit MUST be given on any work containing my posers.
Please be sure to let your customers know this.
Thank you.

© by Bits'N'Bobs

A credit link is required in your tou/credits whether you use them for PU, CU, S4H or S4O please.

© by Bits'N'Bobs

Downloading my work grants you a license to use them under the following conditions,
but does not grant you copyright over the products or any derivative products you may create using them.
By downloading this product, you recieve a license to use these graphic designs and agree to the following...

As with all tube creators please include my copyright info if using any of my posers :O)

© Bits'N'Bobs

# Commercial Use is allowed with limitations as set out below but ONLY if it states CU ok on the preview.
# You may modify my work in any way to fit your needs providing they are not claimed as your own.
# You may only use items for online use unless you have purchased the Offline Commercial License.
# You may make a copy of these files purely for back-up purposes.

# Do not turn any of my work into scripts or templates.
# Do not use more than 2 posers or 3 elements/clipart 'as is' in a product ( including as a sticker ) UNLESS they are integrated (merged) onto another product IE: a frames, ribbons etc in which case no more than 5.
# Do not resell, repackage, and redistribute these files in original format as it is and claim it your own.
# Do not alter my work into a different form such as templates, brushes, masks or tubes etc and claim them as your own.
# Do not redistribute/share my work in any way. This includes but is not limited to Rapidshare, 4shared, email groups etc.
# Do not remove my copyright notice or trademark from my files.
# Do not Use my work for any purpose which is prohibited by law.
# Do not use for any commercial offline usage unless you have purchased my Offline Commercial License.

E-mail if you have any questions.

Thank you for downloading/using my work :O)

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