Thursday, July 1

Renate1608 and Sabrina Tamara missing

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 Hi all, i received this letter just now from Renate's husband, who is desperate to find his family. The email is genuine and here is an english translation of it, the original is below
If you have any clue at all where the both women could be or if they contacted you, please mail to or

RENATE!!!!PLEASE if you read this - contact Dieter, he is worried sick over you and Sabrina, please , a call, a mail, anything! We all love you. 

Hi all
Since Thursday my wife Renate Heckmann and daughter Sabrina are missing. Renate is very ill and I need to know where she is, she broke up with all friends, online and offline, all her email accounts are deleted. Who can help me? Renates life is in danger.
I found the address (guess the one he is sending from)on my computer\
Kind regards
Dieter Heckmann

Hallo alle da drausen.

Seit Donnerstag wird Frau Renate Heckmann und Sabrina vermisst !! Renate ist sehr krank  und ich als der Ehemann wüßte gerne wo sie ist. Sie hat mit allen Freunden abgebrochen, hatt sämtliche e-mail konten gekündigt. Wer kann mir helfen?? Ich verzweifle sonst. Sie schwebt in Lebensgefahr !! Danger!!
Diese Adresse habe ich  auf meinem Rechner gefunden.

mit Freundlichen Grüßen

Dieter Heckmann


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