Tuesday, February 9


I am very sorry but for the time being all freebies have been de-activated.
All thanks go to the pirates at TubeTownScraps
They obviously got tired of me reporting rapidshare links they kept sharing and instead they copied my whole freebies lable download links included and shared it all through their pirate group.
To those who were honest I thank you and am very sorry that these selfish women have spoilt it for you all.
There are so many ptu items being shared there.
Why yahoo haven't closed them down yet I don't know.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry that some people have to ruin it for the rest of us. You have been very gracious in sharing your work. It's too bad that some people have to spoil it for all of us !!

Anonymous said...

I would take that link down if I were you!That is promoting the group if ya ask me! I would remove name and link before we have even more "people" like this out there.

Cindy said...

I, too, am very sorry you have been a victim of piracy. Your designs and generosity have been appreciated.

I just don't understand how it helps to simply remove all of your freebies and punish those who are your followers?

Noneya said...

It's not nice to blatantly LIE about people or groups.

Bits N Bobs said...

You are having a laugh aren't you ?

You only need to take a look at KatNKDAs copyright blog.

That and the emails I recieve that these people send and share.

Don't call me a liar unless you have your facts right and certainly don't come on my blog and defend this groups for sharing PTU work. YES they know they are doing wrong because the kits clearly state PTU or DO NOT SHARE on them.

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